WordPress terminology

It is important to know the wordpress terms perfectly to work & understand.Here imp common terms illustrated : Loop : Its just like other programming language Slug : user friendly url,like WP has taxonomy slug,user slug etc Template : All php files Template Tag : Parts of php files, this doesnt means anything like html

What is & why to learn wordpress development

Thanks for  patientce starting this course & you guys are really awesome.This is going to be a premier quality wordpress development video course & all the videos will be byte size.That means none would be so large that makes learning dull.just one / two topics will be presented in each video & it will help


Are we kidding ? Not really  🙂 you hearing it right “child theme “. OK, if this is child if it has a parent ? The answer is yes.Lets make child theme definition clear. WordPress gives the power of a parent theme or framework to a child theme.A child theme has the same look and