WordPress terminology

It is important to know the wordpress terms perfectly to work & understand.Here imp common terms illustrated :

Loop : Its just like other programming language

Slug : user friendly url,like WP has taxonomy slug,user slug etc

Template : All php files

Template Tag : Parts of php files, this doesnt means anything like html tag rather content/function related php codes.

Page template : when a particular page is shown by a particular php file than its said page template.If we command a php file at wp theme that u are page template than it can be used to show wordpress page content.

Template Hierarchy :Which describes file priority order.this or this or thst if none then wp tries to show with index.php. Which template / php file will load first to show this order is said template hierarchy.

Admin Bar :you see a bar at top after login as admin, this is called admin bar.here  some links given for quick access.we can add links as wish while developing own theme.

Post Format :Discussion made on details of admin bar introduction, never miss it.

Permalink :url of a post

Taxonomy & Terms : visit admin bar post option.there is categories/tags option ; are taxonomy.

We can even develop our own

Category taxonomy -> who has parent child type relation as one may other categories child.

Tag type taxonomy -> these can’t have parent child relation.

Every single type category or tag name are Terms .Like wp,seo,css… all together are tag or  category taxonomy but in single they are said terms.

Archive : post collection, like author archive , tag archive, category terms archive.

Sidebar : A bar placed  to show widgets. it doesnot means only sides but all widget areas are commonly said sidebar.Asked by anyone “How many sidebars” generate s answer for number of widget area.

widget: Discussion made on details of admin bar introduction, never miss it

Short code : a system to show internal or external code easily.lets make a gallery in post section. Next visit text option of the post & we will see a code in third bracket.That is short code [ gallery ids=”12,11,10″[. 

Every short code is linked with a php function.WP while rendering means displaying will call these functions &  pass these parameters 12,11,10 calls argument, php function will process them to show output.

Now think this process must generated big html/ other files to display, but we can use it just by putting the short code.

User role & Capabilities : Discussion made on details of admin bar introduction

Screen : Every page of  wordpress is a screen.Screen has many options.

Editor : Just made with popular TinyMCE Javascript .The visual part is customized TinyMCE & text part is a normal editor

Quick Tag:Buttons to switch fast in text editor like making paragraph bold,italic etc option.this quick tag functionality works by the help of JS.

Transient: A temporary store at Memory or Database.While developing theme or plugin some datas has to store temporary these could show by calling  & use while necessary.

These are all common Terms in wordpress.If anything that has not discussed please mention,comment & be with us.Thank you,Bye 🙂

What is & why to learn wordpress development

Thanks for  patientce starting this course & you guys are really awesome.This is going to be a premier quality wordpress development video course & all the videos will be byte size.That means none would be so large that makes learning dull.just one / two topics will be presented in each video & it will help to get fast view of a specific topic.

Many of you may ignored you while trying wordpress development as they thought it’s just a blogging platform & a little thing could be done through wordpress.Actually this shows their lack of knowledge about it.

In reality wordpress is so powerful.In this course I will show you inside out of wordpress development not just vasavasa so that we can realize what is the fruit of our time & money- everything spending to learn.

In context of web application platform there is really a little thing that cant be done with wordpress, really its an unbeaten champion .Well it cant help making you an operating system or video conversion app/fiverr with this.But in own purpose its the king.

WordPress covers 30% of worlds total website & 52% of e-commerce site is done with woo-commerce.And it works as an invisible framework for many websites but branded in a way that very tough to locate it.

So be proud to be with wordpress express your joy knowing its power as you know.

Brief history : Automatic comny by Mat moullen a nice man started it as a blogging platform.From very beginning it was open-source.With time being powerful features,components,rest api and everything made this such awesome platform that you can make anything just need to be creative,confident & you need to have imagination power like I wish & can do it through wordpress.

For example you can make realstae/property website , hotel booking management system,knowledge base website company for any company (we see knwoledge based site has great demand it all marketplace),Leaning management system,school-college management system,accounts system,directory system … in a word really little things are there that cant be done with wordpress.One of local company in Bangladesh I know even made erp with wordpress.

Video hosting,review site,library site,support site forum ,if wish social community with buddypress can made.So the scope is large really.

Even we can make web-application using wordpress as a framework.while see for framework for php we generally name laravel,codigniter,cake-php,symphony; but its possible to use wordpress as  framework cause all components are present here that makes a web application framework.

WordPress is a cms (content management system) that stores clients data in database or file , gives user access to modify them & at last displays all.This is the purpose of all cms of the world.Its upto you how you use & display the site.In this course we will learn these all.

I wish this learning will be really exciting , come back with some interesting things including way to get best output from this couse.See you next class,thank you & Bye 🙂


Are we kidding ? Not really  🙂 you hearing it right “child theme “. OK, if this is child if it has a parent ? The answer is yes.Lets make child theme definition clear. WordPress gives the power of a parent theme or framework to a child theme.A child theme has the same look and features of the main theme and can easily change them without touching code of parent one.

A parent theme with limited functionality and features is not exactly an ideal parent theme candidate in most cases.
For users we recommend child themes only if you find yourself constantly adding new functions to your theme’s functions.php file and/or constantly adding/modifying the style.css file of your theme. In these cases, we highly recommend that you use a child theme.

Is it better to use a child theme or a custom CSS plugin?

The answer to that depends on how savvy and comfortable you are with technology. If you are only modifying the styles of a few elements, then using a custom CSS plugin works just fine. However, if you find yourself changing the entire color scheme, moving things around in the CSS, etc, then you definitely should consider using a child theme.


you should use a child theme when you need the functionality, features, and awesomeness of a powerful parent theme without writing much code for it yourself and you never need to overridden everything.

sometimes you may not need a child theme. Think about the number of changes you have planned for your child theme, if the changes you are planning are minor, then you can always create a custom-style.css file in your theme or use a Custom CSS plugin. If the changes are too extreme where you find yourself overriding the core parent theme files, then you probably should be creating a custom theme.

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