What is & why to learn wordpress development

Thanks for  patientce starting this course & you guys are really awesome.This is going to be a premier quality wordpress development video course & all the videos will be byte size.That means none would be so large that makes learning dull.just one / two topics will be presented in each video & it will help to get fast view of a specific topic.

Many of you may ignored you while trying wordpress development as they thought it’s just a blogging platform & a little thing could be done through wordpress.Actually this shows their lack of knowledge about it.

In reality wordpress is so powerful.In this course I will show you inside out of wordpress development not just vasavasa so that we can realize what is the fruit of our time & money- everything spending to learn.

In context of web application platform there is really a little thing that cant be done with wordpress, really its an unbeaten champion .Well it cant help making you an operating system or video conversion app/fiverr with this.But in own purpose its the king.

WordPress covers 30% of worlds total website & 52% of e-commerce site is done with woo-commerce.And it works as an invisible framework for many websites but branded in a way that very tough to locate it.

So be proud to be with wordpress express your joy knowing its power as you know.

Brief history : Automatic comny by Mat moullen a nice man started it as a blogging platform.From very beginning it was open-source.With time being powerful features,components,rest api and everything made this such awesome platform that you can make anything just need to be creative,confident & you need to have imagination power like I wish & can do it through wordpress.

For example you can make realstae/property website , hotel booking management system,knowledge base website company for any company (we see knwoledge based site has great demand it all marketplace),Leaning management system,school-college management system,accounts system,directory system … in a word really little things are there that cant be done with wordpress.One of local company in Bangladesh I know even made erp with wordpress.

Video hosting,review site,library site,support site forum ,if wish social community with buddypress can made.So the scope is large really.

Even we can make web-application using wordpress as a framework.while see for framework for php we generally name laravel,codigniter,cake-php,symphony; but its possible to use wordpress as  framework cause all components are present here that makes a web application framework.

WordPress is a cms (content management system) that stores clients data in database or file , gives user access to modify them & at last displays all.This is the purpose of all cms of the world.Its upto you how you use & display the site.In this course we will learn these all.

I wish this learning will be really exciting , come back with some interesting things including way to get best output from this couse.See you next class,thank you & Bye 🙂

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