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Are we kidding ? Not really  🙂 you hearing it right “child theme “. OK, if this is child if it has a parent ? The answer is yes.Lets make child theme definition clear. WordPress gives the power of a parent theme or framework to a child theme.A child theme has the same look and features of the main theme and can easily change them without touching code of parent one.

A parent theme with limited functionality and features is not exactly an ideal parent theme candidate in most cases.
For users we recommend child themes only if you find yourself constantly adding new functions to your theme’s functions.php file and/or constantly adding/modifying the style.css file of your theme. In these cases, we highly recommend that you use a child theme.

Is it better to use a child theme or a custom CSS plugin?

The answer to that depends on how savvy and comfortable you are with technology. If you are only modifying the styles of a few elements, then using a custom CSS plugin works just fine. However, if you find yourself changing the entire color scheme, moving things around in the CSS, etc, then you definitely should consider using a child theme.


you should use a child theme when you need the functionality, features, and awesomeness of a powerful parent theme without writing much code for it yourself and you never need to overridden everything.

sometimes you may not need a child theme. Think about the number of changes you have planned for your child theme, if the changes you are planning are minor, then you can always create a custom-style.css file in your theme or use a Custom CSS plugin. If the changes are too extreme where you find yourself overriding the core parent theme files, then you probably should be creating a custom theme.

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