WordPress terminology

It is important to know the wordpress terms perfectly to work & understand.Here imp common terms illustrated :

Loop : Its just like other programming language

Slug : user friendly url,like WP has taxonomy slug,user slug etc

Template : All php files

Template Tag : Parts of php files, this doesnt means anything like html tag rather content/function related php codes.

Page template : when a particular page is shown by a particular php file than its said page template.If we command a php file at wp theme that u are page template than it can be used to show wordpress page content.

Template Hierarchy :Which describes file priority order.this or this or thst if none then wp tries to show with index.php. Which template / php file will load first to show this order is said template hierarchy.

Admin Bar :you see a bar at top after login as admin, this is called admin bar.here  some links given for quick access.we can add links as wish while developing own theme.

Post Format :Discussion made on details of admin bar introduction, never miss it.

Permalink :url of a post

Taxonomy & Terms : visit admin bar post option.there is categories/tags option ; are taxonomy.

We can even develop our own

Category taxonomy -> who has parent child type relation as one may other categories child.

Tag type taxonomy -> these can’t have parent child relation.

Every single type category or tag name are Terms .Like wp,seo,css… all together are tag or  category taxonomy but in single they are said terms.

Archive : post collection, like author archive , tag archive, category terms archive.

Sidebar : A bar placed  to show widgets. it doesnot means only sides but all widget areas are commonly said sidebar.Asked by anyone “How many sidebars” generate s answer for number of widget area.

widget: Discussion made on details of admin bar introduction, never miss it

Short code : a system to show internal or external code easily.lets make a gallery in post section. Next visit text option of the post & we will see a code in third bracket.That is short code [ gallery ids=”12,11,10″[. 

Every short code is linked with a php function.WP while rendering means displaying will call these functions &  pass these parameters 12,11,10 calls argument, php function will process them to show output.

Now think this process must generated big html/ other files to display, but we can use it just by putting the short code.

User role & Capabilities : Discussion made on details of admin bar introduction

Screen : Every page of  wordpress is a screen.Screen has many options.

Editor : Just made with popular TinyMCE Javascript .The visual part is customized TinyMCE & text part is a normal editor

Quick Tag:Buttons to switch fast in text editor like making paragraph bold,italic etc option.this quick tag functionality works by the help of JS.

Transient: A temporary store at Memory or Database.While developing theme or plugin some datas has to store temporary these could show by calling  & use while necessary.

These are all common Terms in wordpress.If anything that has not discussed please mention,comment & be with us.Thank you,Bye 🙂

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